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The plant

The plant in Serravalle Scrivia (Alessandria) is one of the most important and advanced at European level in the production of copper tubes for plumbing and industrial use, boasting an integral production cycle that includes the insulation sheaths for tube coverings.

The production complex, inaugurated in 1964, has its roots in the historical SMI GroupItalian Metallurgy Company, founded in 1886 and which is the origin of the brand name SMISOL®, well known in the plant engineering sector. Over the years the Group has undergone a number of organisational and company changes at international level, taking on the names firstly of Europa Metalli and subsequently of  KME.

Serravalle Copper Tubes

Since March 2016, Serravalle Copper Tubes is part of the TREFIMETAUX group, a Joint Venture between KME and Cupori Ltd., which includes the French plants at Givet and Niederbrück as well as tubes division at the Italian plant in Serravalle Scrivia, which has been working as part of the KME Italy group for years. As a result of this structuring, a state-of-the-art, specialised reality has been created in Europe in the copper tubes sectors for industrial and sanitary ware applications, as well as copper bars. The Group employees 600 workers with an annual turnover of 270 million Euros. SCTubes can, therefore, take advantage of a specialist foundry and benefit from the synergies, specialisations and skills of the various production units.

The centrality of the Italian plant is, therefore, reiterated on the domestic and export market of bare and covered copper, strong in the know-how and level of quality and reliability acquired over the years and of which its staff and customers are custodians.

We are aware of the fact that we have an advanced production process and certified quality standards and that we can count on a long tradition as well as on a proven technological knowledge associated with a strong orientation towards the market aimed at satisfying the needs of our customers for quality and service.

The important know how acquired during a long time in the field, is the result not only of our centuries-long history in the sector, but also of the internal benchmarking: TREFIMETAUX Group provides the exchange, within its own organisation, of excellent skills that were to be found in the various companies and that have, today, become a common benchmark. Furthermore, working for extremely demanding high-tech divisions from a quality point of view, Serravalle Copper Tubes has the highest level of quality management, with undoubted positive repercussions for more “standard” products such as copper tubes for plumbing use.

SCTubes People

Alessandro Repetto

Managing Director & Plant Manager
board member
with us for the last 20 years

Athos Casali

Commercial Director
board member
with us for the last 30 years

Lorenzo Borneto

EHS & Technical Services
with us for the last 33 years

Donatella Raffaghello

Human Resources
with us for the last 5 years

Pio Lago

Plant Logistic & Supply Chain 
with us for the last 22 years

Carmelo Corbo

with us for the last 27 years

Michele Carlone

with us for the last 23 years

Mauro Mazza

Domestic Sales – Industrial Tubes
with us for the last 30 years

Domenico Pomposelli

Domestic Sales – Plumbing Tubes
with us for the last 26 years

Gianni Parma

Marketing & Export 
with us for the last 26 years