SCTubes offers a complete range of products capable of satisfying any plant engineering requirement.

CE Labelling

Documents relating to the European regulation 305/2011 for construction products.

Price ranges

Reference indexes to be applied to the current price list, published daily and subject to variations in line with the price of copper.

Standard packing and packaging

Type of packing and standard amount contained depending on the different products (rolls and bars).

Pre and post-sales assistance

The SCTubes partner dealers are followed not only by a Technical Consulting structure, that organises training events and workbench demonstrations, but also by sales and technical training representatives and officers, capable of aiding the wholesaler at each stage of their relationship with the company, from pre to post-sales.

The best for your customers

SCTubes’ customers know they can rely on a serious, competent company that places Quality in first place and complies with regulations. Recent regulations and standards at European level see the distributor always involved and responsible for the quality of the products distributed.

Another particularly important service comes from the logistics effort based in the central warehouse in Serravalle, which caters for the entire country as well as dealing with exporting.

Standard packing and products

SCTubes packing is designed to ensure the products can easily be identified in the warehouse. The amounts per packing take into consideration a correct relationship between transport costs and the amounts regularly requested by the customer.

Price ranges

Everyday, SCTubes publishes on its site, the reference indexes to be applied to the current price list. The reference ranges can be subject to variations throughout the day in line with the price of copper.