Legal notes

Site use specifications

Prior to accessing the Serravalle Copper tubes srl  website (from here on in “WEB SITE”) or using it, we request the visitor/user to carefully read the terms and conditions (from here on in “Terms” and “Conditions”) indicated below. Access and use by the visitor/user to the WEB SITE is valid as a declaration and guarantee to respectively have the authority, right and capacity to accept the terms and conditions, as well as consensus to be bound to these Terms and, if the visitor/user fails to accept the terms in whole, he/she is not authorised to access/use the WEB SITE.

1. Web Site

The WEB SITE  is owned and the exclusive jurisdiction of Serravalle Copper Tubes S.r.l. (from here on in “SCT“) based in Serravalle Scrivia (Alessandria) and the assignment of its Internet dominium was formally obtained in compliance with the methods and procedures in force when the request for assigning was made. The definition of WEB SITE also includes: Logos, illustrations, images, texts and descriptions, graphs, sounds, layout of the WEB SITE itself (for conciseness here on in referred to as “Contents“)
Catalogues, photographs, videos, technical specifications, price lists, press releases and FAQ (for conciseness here on in referred to as “Documents“)
no part of the Site, no label, no content, logo, graph, sound or image can be reproduced, re-transmitted or otherwise used without the express consent of Seravalle Copper Tubes. The information contained in the site is purely for informative purposes.

2. Terms and Conditions for using the WEB SITE

The WEB SITE visitor/user unconditionally accepts the binding Terms and Conditions specified below. If the visitor/user fails to accept them or has no intention of being bound by them, he/she cannot access, use, download Contents and Documents from the WEB SITE. 

At any given time, SCT reserves the right to update or edit these Terms and Conditions of use, without prior warning. If the Terms and Conditions are edited, access to the WEB SITE implies a commitment to complying with the edited Terms and Conditions.

The visitor/user takes note that the WEB SITE can be subject to closure, slowing down or other interruptions for whatever reason and that SCT cannot be held responsible by the visitor/user for failed access to the WEB SITE. SCT cannot provide absolute certainty for its precision and it being constantly up-to-date.

The use of each product, described on this WEB SITE, assumes a careful assessment of how the product will be used as well as the environmental and functional conditions of where it will be installed. This assessment must be made at the planning stage and by a qualified individual. Please note that the descriptive images of the products, found on the Site, are only examples.

3. Data

Every possible effort has been made to insert accurate, up-to-date data on the WEB SITE . The data, documents and relative graphs could, however, contain technical inaccuracies or errors. SCT reserves the right at any time to make corrections and /or changes to the data published on the WEB SITE without any prior warning and cannot be held liable for any lack of completeness, correctness and timeliness of the information provided on the WEB SITE itself. Under no conditions will SCT be held responsible for specific damage whether it be direct, indirect or a consequence, no matter the nature, deriving from improper use of the data available on the WEB SITE. Use of the WEB SITE and any other connected to it will be the direct responsibility of the visitor.

4. Property rights

All property rights referring to the WEB SITE, including Contents and Documents, are the exclusive property of SCT and/or third parties. Each page on the WEB SITE is protected under copyright, trademarks, patents and copyrights and with their publication SCT does not transmit any right for any of the contents on the WEB SITE. The reproduction, transmission to the public, rendering available to the public, rental and lending, public showing, even partial, and distribution without authorisation from the owner of the rights, is forbidden. Sanctions will be applied under current legislation governing the protection of copyright, Law 633/1941 and later amendments and additions.

5. Regime for use of material published on the site and reproduction by third parties.

Access to the WEB SITE as well as  the relative Contents and Documents is granted to the visitor/user exclusively for the purposes permitted by SCT and highlighted on the WEB SITE, that can be consulted only for personal use. The visitor / user is strictly forbidden from using or allowing third parties use of the WEB SITE for commercial purposes; subsequently, any use for commercial purposes or economic gain by the visitor /user strictly forbidden, as is:

  • changing the WEB SITE
  • behaviour regarded under current legislation as illegal, that is, so called IT crimes
  • behaviour aimed at dividing up parts of the WEB SITE to incorporate them in other third party sites, change, copy, reproduce, render public, or transmit in any way, the Contents and/or documents either in whole or partially
  • attempts to access the reserved area on the WEB SITE
  • loading IT programs, files or other harmful or offensive material, such as, including but not limited to, viruses, hidden or manipulated files, and any activity posing a threat to the integrity and/or functioning and/or on line communication of the WEB SITE
  • use that causes or could cause damage, interruption or limitations to the WEB SITE
  • using the WEB SITE to gather third party information.

6. External links

You can exit the WEB SITE via links. The sites connected to third parties are outwith the control of SCT who is not responsible for the contents of these link sites, nor any of the subsequent links found on a connected site, nor for any changes or updates on these sites. Furthermore, SCT is not responsible for any online transmissions or any other form from any connected third party site. The links are supplied to the visitor exclusively for ease of use and the inclusion of any link does not imply any support from SCT to the relative site. In particular, the information contained in the new. pre-selected site may not comply with internal policies and the opinions expressed may not necessarily reflect SCT’s position, nor are they endorsed by them.

7. Visits to the WEB SITE

Visits to the web site may be recorded. SCT will be able to access these registrations for statistical purposes, to ensure continuity of the service and improve its own web site. Please do not use the site if you do not agree with this practice.

8. Compensation

The visitor/user is obliged to compensate SCT, exonerating them from anyresponsibility, obligation and cost (including legal costs), should the Terms and Conditions of use of the WEB SITE be violated.

9. Limits and responsibilities

Under no condition can SCT be held responsible for:

  • Loss, direct or indirect damage deriving from access and/or use of the WEB SITE
  • any episodes and/or damage arising from actions or behaviour resulting from forbidden behaviour from the visitor/user and/or third parties.

10. Language of the Terms and Conditions

The WEB SITE terms and conditions in Italian will regulate the relationship between SCT and the visitor/user. The visitor/user is provided with a translation into other languages for solely convenient purposes and in the event of a contradiction between the Italian language version and the translation into another language, the Italian language version will prevail.

11. Privacy and protection of personal details

For information relating to the management of privacy procedures adopted by SCT, the visitor/user is expected to read the Policy on Privacy in the “Privacy Policy” section. The latter is an integral and essential part of the Terms and Conditions for accessing/using the WEB SITE. It remains accepted that access/use implies acceptance of the Privacy Policy.

12. Effects of silence and acquiescence.

SCT’s silence and acquiescence in the case of any violation or waiver from the Terms and Conditions by the visitor/user are for purely tolerant purposes and bear no legal weight in favour of the client.

13. Partial invalidity

Any section, paragraph or subdivision of these Terms and Conditions which are or become illegitimate, invalid or worthless, should be removed and considered ineffective within the limits of that illegitimacy, invalidity or inefficiency and should, under no conditions, jeopardize the other Terms and Conditions that remain fully effective, within the limits of what is permitted by law. Bearing in mind the above, the illegal, invalid or ineffective section, paragraph or subdivision will be replace with another more suitable one that reflects as much as possible, the intent of the original instruction.

14. Integral agreement

The Terms and Conditions represent the integral agreement between SCT and the visitor/user relating to the access/use of the WEB SITE.

15. Applicable and controversial laws

The Terms and Conditions are regulated by Italian law and by the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Alessandria to resolve any legal controversy arising from the above mentioned Terms and Conditions

16. Notifications and Contacts

The visitor / user accepts that SCT communicates notifications regarding the WEB SITE via publications on the site itself. For any questions or information regarding the WEB SITE, the visitor/user can access  the “Contacts” section on the WEB SITE.